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Training Workshop - Website Landing Page Lead Integration


Website and landing page leads can be a core channel of your new business revenue stream. Many companies use website lead forms that simply rely on e-mail notifications to alert users when a new lead has arrived. The problem with this approach is response time and consitency - two vital components to successful lead management. How often are you or your people unavailable when the e-mail arrives and how many leads are simply lost or ignored due to the lack of a cohesive and effective lead strategy?

What if you had an automated system to capture, distribute, and track your corporate website leads? In this training workshop we will learn how to set up just this type of system using the Mortgage Manager solution. This is a great way to see many of the key Cimmaron platform features in action.

This workshop covers the website lead integration process from beginning to end. Use the Next to begin or click one of the steps shown below to jump to a specific topic of interest.

  1. Build a website data map
  2. Create a lead posting URL
  3. Update a website lead page to send data via a lead posting URL
  4. Setup lead distribution
  5. Trigger a new lead drip campaign
  6. Monitor Internet leads