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Mortgage Marketing Content

Jump Start Your Marketing Program!

Marketing content included with your Cimmaron Software account allows you to easily tap into a quality colletion of materials created specifically for your industry, giving you the tools you need to quickly launch and extend your marketing efforts.

Advantages of Prebuilt Content

Use for your e-mail blasts and direct mail projects
Pick and choose the most applicable pieces for your multi-step marketing campaigns
Each message is automatically personalized with client, referral partner, and loan officer data
Corporate logos and branding is already built into each piece

My Mortgage Letters

My Mortgage Letters My Mortgage Letters, is a comprehensive collection of mergable html e-mail templates and corresponding Microsoft Word merge letters that makes it easy to reach out to your clients and referral partners. If you don't already have your own content, this series of topics is a perfect way to get started.

Use the templates for your drip campaigns, monthly e-mail newsletters, holiday greetings, and one-off e-mails. You can customize the content, add your own material, and cherry pick from 290 topics to create the best fit for your company.

You can tap into the templates individually or simply pick from one of the pre-built automated drip campaigns for "set it and forget it" marketing