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Lead Management

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager offers a solution that effectively and profitably manages the entire lead process with tools and workflows optimized for loan officers.

Lead Integration

  1. Start with a seamless integration to your lead providers.
  2. Inbound leads are sent in real-time directly to your CRM database and automatically distributed to your loan officers.
  3. Multi-step marketing campaigns are launched.
  4. Lead progress is tracked through reports and dashboards.
  5. Once the lead is converted, the loan data is securely sent to your LOS.
  6. During the loan transaction phase, the LOS sync keeps your CRM data up to date in near real time.
  7. After the loan closes, follow up drip campaigns/broadcasts take over the sales process.

Life of a Lead

LIfe of a lead Cimmaron Lead Management allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to new leads by tapping into an automated lead flow process. Although you can optimize the system for your own workflow needs, a typical lead moves through the process as follows:

08:12:15 AM, Day 1 - A prospect fills out a request for loan information on a web page hosted by your Internet lead provider, such as (lead web pages may also be hosted on your personal corporate website).

08:12:16 AM, Day 1 - The lead provider sends the prospect's information to you and your competitors. Depending on your contract with the provider, the lead may also be e-mailed to three or more additional parties. Your copy of the lead is sent directly to your Cimmaron Mortgage Manager CRM database via a secured Cimmaron web service.

08:12:18 AM, Day 1 - While the lead sits waiting inside your competitor's e-mail Inbox, Cimmaron immediately adds the prospect data into the database and processes business rules to assign the prospect to the next loan officer due a lead.

08:12:19 AM, Day 1 - The prospect is placed on an multi-step automated drip campaign.

08:12:20 AM, Day 1 The first step of the campaign immediately sends an html e-mail to the prospect introducing the company and loan officer. The e-mail contains corporate logos and other images to enforce your corporate branding and the content of the e-mail is dynamically generated based on the prospect's loan requirements (debt consolidation, refinance, etc.).

08:12:22 AM, Day 1 - The loan officer is notified by e-mail and/or a text message to their cell phone that a new lead has arrived.

08:12:23 AM, Day 1 - A Microsoft Word document is mail merged and sent to the Batch Print queue to be printed later that same day along with all other direct mail pieces generated by the system.

08:12:35 AM, Day 1 - The loan officer responds to the e-mail notification by opening the Cimmaron Mortgage Manager Client Finder screen and searches for the new leads sent that day. The prospect is selected, which opens the Client Detail View screen.

08:14:42 AM, Day 1 - After quickly reviewing the prospect’s contact information and loan needs displayed within the Client Dashboard and Loan Scenario sections, the loan officer calls the prospect.

08:14:50 AM, Day 1 – The prospect answers the phone call from the loan officer. At this point, just seconds after clicking the submit button to request a rate quote, the prospect has likely already seen your first e-mail arrive in their inbox, and is speaking with the loan officer, well ahead of the competition's attempts to contact that same individual.

08:25 AM, Day 1 – The initial contact goes well and the prospect asks for more information. The loan officer places the prospect on a warm lead campaign that schedules a follow up call the next day and sends out the first of a series of e-mails personalized with the prospects information and proposed loan details.

09:00 AM, Day 2 – The loan officer uses the Activity Finder screen to see all the phone calls that need to be made that morning.

09:05 AM, Day 2 – The prospect is contacted again and agrees to move forward. The loan officer clicks on the Create Loan button to send then new loan to the corporate LOS application (i.e.; Caylx Point).

Days 2 through 30 – All changes made inside the LOS application by the loan officer and loan processors are automatically sent back to the Cimmaron Mortgage Manager CRM database. E-mails and follow up calls are scheduled according to changes to the status of the loan.

Day 31 – The loan closes and the client is placed on a funded borrower follow up sales campaign that includes newsletter e-mails once a quarter to keep the loan officer's name in front of the client.

Loan Closing Anniversary – A phone call is scheduled for one year after the loan closing date.

First Rate Adjustment – A phone call is scheduled for one month prior to the loan’s first rate adjustment date.

Prepayment Penalty End Date – An e-mail, letter, and phone call is scheduled for one month prior to the end of the prepayment penalty term.