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Training Workshop - Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Lead Integration

Introducing Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Lead Integration
Zillow Lead Integration Overview
3 minutes, 49 seconds

The Zillow Mortgage Marketplace is a free, open, and transparent lending marketplace, where borrowers anonymously connect with lenders to request and receive mortgage quotes.

Now you can use Cimarron’s live lead integration features to automate and manage this exciting new source of free mortgage leads.

Cimmaron has worked out all the details making it easy for you to tap into these real-time loan requests using our automated pipeline management tools to receive, price, and follow up with this valuable source of potential revenue from one of the Internet’s industry leaders.

Watch this quick introduction video to learn more about the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace or follow the video workshop steps shown below to see how the entire Zillow live lead integration process works.

  1. Register for a Zillow Lender Account
  2. Create a Loan Request Search
  3. Price Consumer Quote Requests
  4. Convert Your Zillow Leads to Clients Stats

  • One of the top real estate Web sites
  • Monthly unique visitors: 8.7 million, 64% more than year ago
  • Visitor median HH income: $90K – one of the most affluent on the web
  • 23% of Zillow visitors (2 million) are seeking a loan in the next 30 days

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Stats

  • Average credit score of borrowers: 755
  • Total Loan Requests made by borrowers: 500,000
  • Loan Requests per month: 50,000
  • Type of loan requested: 50% purchase, 48% refinance, 2% home equity
  • Two-thirds of participating originators have been contacted by at least one borrower after submitting quotes
  • On average, lenders close 20% of contacts they receive, with some lenders closing 50%

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