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Loan Modification Lead Integration

Cimmaron Loan Modification Manager provides an open architecture that enables the CRM database to integrate with a variety of data sources including Internet lead providers, corporate websites, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Internet Lead Providers

Internet leads are a competitive revenue channel and automated lead integration is critical to your success in this landscape. Lead integration allows data from your lead provider to be sent directly to your Cimmaron Loan Modification Manager database. Chances are that Cimmaron can integrate with your current provider; please contact Cimmaron Sales to learn more. In addition, Cimmaron has set up partnerships and lead integration relationships with these popular lead providers:

Big Mortgage Leads    Big Mortgage


Many Loan Modification companies rely on e-mail and lead provider websites to manage lead workflow, but this is a passive approach and causes unnecessary delays while your valuable lead data sits idle, aging in a loan officer's Inbox or waiting for a manager to check a provider website before the prospect can be contacted. Speed and consistency is critical at this moment... while you wait for your new leads to be discovered, the competition is already calling your prospect.

In this situation the first company to make contact will have the edge and opportunity to gain trust with the prospect. Lead Integration acts as pipeline pushing data in real-time directly from the Internet lead provider straight to your CRM Database where loan officers are automatically assigned, notified, and auto responder html e-mails launched to immediately reach out to your prospects.

Cimmaron communicates with your lead provider via a secured web service customized for your company and workflow. Our staff can work with your lead provider's IT department to ensure that the lead integration is setup properly and in a timely fashion.

Corporate Websites

Your own website forms can be tied directly to the Loan Modification Manager CRM database using the power of Lead Integration. This gives you the ability to automatically import data from your website landing pages, "Contact Us", and loan application web forms.

If the the forms on your corporate website are currently e-mailing data collected from your website visitors, you can easily integrate your web pages to take advantage of all the powerful features offered by the Cimmaron Lead Management system. Many integration upgrades only require a simple change in your web page to call a Cimmaron web service instead of posting the data to an e-mail.

Cimmaron can work with your web developers to make the necessary changes to your website or you can have our web development team handle the modifications. New secure integrated web forms can also be created and hosted on web servers at the Cimmaron Data Center dedicated to your corporate website needs. 

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very popular way to hold Loan Modification lead data. You may have past client data, farm lists provided to you by title companies, or lead data purchased from a third party saved in an Excel spreadsheet.

Our lead integration can be used via the Data Import Wizard to simplify and automate the lead import process. The Cimmaron Data Map feature allows you to create a definition of your Excel spreadsheet column layout and indicate how it should be imported into the database, including field mapping, loan officer assignment, lead source tracking, and automated campaign assignment. By taking advantage of data mapping, you can easily bring in data from spreadsheets that you receive on a recurring basis without needing to go through the effort of remapping your fields. Subsequent spreadsheets using the same set of columns can be imported with just a few clicks.

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