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Cimmaron combines its software and database development expertise with that of a full service Website development department. Our graphic and Internet marketing staff will design, deliver and maintain a powerful Web presence for your business. These solutions are built on a database and software design foundation that provides secure, reliable and responsive access to your database.

Your needs are our focus. Your vision is our goal. Cimmaron Software website development is built on three core values that will deliver success to your business:

Design an industry leading visual identity and Internet presence as a gateway and communication medium for your customers. Take control with an accelerated Marketing campaign that reaches out to your potential customers. Grow your company with a comprehensive business development program that leverages the Internet.


We will build your web presence based on a foundation of style that transcends language and communicates your company message clearly. Your business beliefs and ideals become tangible. We build practical applications from the heart of this style, establishing your base of information while staying true to your business values.

Design Services Include:

  • Logo Design - Ground zero. This is where you start. A fresh look, a new style, a bold beginning. Let others see you the way that you want to be seen. Let Cimmaron Software design logos, titling, letterhead, icons and more. Represent yourself with impact.
  • Website Design - This is the core. The virtual representation of your company that has become paramount in today's business world. Whether you are just starting out or you have an existing website, you are most likely not impacting Internet users the way that you could be. Let Cimmaron Software design a fresh new site for you. Using ASP, XML, XSL, Flash, HTML and HTML-hybrid web design, we can create a presence of power for you on the web. Rethink your goals, follow our lead and reach out...digitally.
  • Ecommerce - Representing your company with a powerful web presence achieves many goals, but paramount in these is the ability to open revenue streams for your business. Use our powerful web design to sell the vision of your company and then close the deal with a robust Ecommerce solution. We have the experience and expertise that your company needs to deliver Ecommerce functionality to your website. We can seamlessly integrate this functionality directly into your site in a cost effective manner that will quickly bring the world of Ecommerce to your front door.
  • Database Integration - One of Cimmaron's greatest strength lies in our database design and development expertise. We create custom software and database solutions that are the engine behind many enterprise level applications run by thousands of business users. By combining the strengths our or website design team with our staff of developers and database design engineers, Cimmaron is able to provide our customers with powerful, reliable, and graceful website solutions.

    When you are faced with the need to collect and deliver your company's data via the Internet, you need a solution that is more than just a pretty face. You need secure, responsive and scalable solutions that answer your customer needs while protecting one of your company's most valuable assets…. Its data.


An abundance of unseen business opportunities exist in your industry. Countless amounts of un-marketed transactions happen everyday. Cimmaron Software has the ability to uncover this arena and give your business the insight needed to tap into a major source of new customer acquisition.

With our accelerated marketing techniques your will see immediate results and a direct response from your target market. It's our job to convey your vision to your audience in the way that only we can. Whether aggressive or conservative, cutting edge or traditional, our design is always eye catching, intriguing, and captivating.

Marketing Services Include:

  • Website Search Engine Optimization - We perform comprehensive keyword selection based on the leaders in your industry and a list of popular search terms related to your products/services. We also focus on keywords that describe the unique aspects of your business. These aspects set you apart from your competition. Once your keywords are selected, we implement into your website HTML coding, create strategic linking for web crawlers, as well as provide suggestions for keyword-optimized text.
  • E-mail Marketing - Reach out to prospective customers by developing a customer e-mail database and sending your company updates and information on products and services through an impactful graphical e-mail. Track the effectiveness of the e-mail and categorize your customer database online. Recent studies have shown that HTML e-mails are up to 10 times more effective and less expensive than direct mail campaigns.
  • Interactive Rich Media Promotion - Design and development of Flash movies that can be used as marketing and promotional material to introduce new products, special events, or drive traffic to certain areas of the website. These movies can be distributed or linked through newsletters or as a featured window popup/link on the home site.


Only through a path of growth will your business achieve Greatness. Exceed the standard, be different, move forward. Embrace new avenues of opportunity and learn from your actions of the past. Stay in touch with current clients while reaching out to new ones.

Grow your business by refining your strategies and elevating your web presence to the next level with graphical, technical and marketing updates as well as analytic tools. Improve your customer advocacy, understand the potential of your website and grow your online impact.

Growth Services Include:

  • E-mail Newsletters - Keep in touch with your current and prospective customers by sending out company updates and information on products and services through an impactful graphical e-mail. Recent studies have shown that HTML e-mails are up to 10 times more effective and less expensive than direct mail campaigns.
  • Full service maintenance plans - Maintaining a website can be a tedious and expensive endeavor. Even worse, not maintaining your website may give your company an unprofessional or out of date appearance. Cimmaron Software will ensure that your website is up-to-date and we can save you money with our monthly maintenance program provided at a discounted rate.
  • Website Traffic Statistics and Analysis - Track the effectiveness of your website. Find out important information about the usage of your website with entry pages and exit pages, search engine and website referral, what keywords were searched to find your site.

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