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Quick Start Setup Package

The Quick Start Setup Package is designed to have your company up and running with your application as quickly and easily as possible. Cimmaron has consolidated all the lessons learned after years of working with our customers to help you through the initial setup process.

"Tap into the full potential of the Cimmaron application with the least amount of effort"

We understand that your primary goal is to help customers and close more sales, not to spend time learning and installing a new software program. Although we provide the tools, videos, and written documentation you need to take care of this phase on your own, many customers want to focus on their business while still ensuring that they are tapping into the full potential of the application.

The Quick Start Setup package is designed to achieve that goal. We have put together a collection of Professional Services designed to provide everything a typical company needs at start up including: training, data conversion, artwork, and marketing setup.

When you sign up for the Quick Start, Cimmaron is able to assign an experienced IT representative to your account that will become your go-to contact point. We're able to learn more about your goals and can recommend the best methods available in Cimmaron to make it happen. You know your business and we know the Cimmaron technology and how to blend the two together based on our experience setting up companies in your industry.

Here's an overview of the various setup needs that are typically addressed during the Quick Start process:

  • Import your contact data.
  • Corporate logo setup - Import and optimize corporate logos and create a custom address footer image. Update signature and prebuilt templates to use the corporate artwork.
  • Create and optimize your standard contact e-mail template.
  • Create your first sales Drip Campaign (multi-step action plan) up to 5 steps.
  • Setup and configure LOS (Loan Origination Software) integration.
  • Setup and configure Live Lead Integration with your corporate website and lead providers.
  • 1 hour of professional services to be used for live on-line training and phone support (broken into 15 minute increments) * Live on-line training and phone support is already included for Premium Support plans.
  • Sign up for the Quick Start Package and the $99 Premium Support plan one-time fee is waived
Price: $190.00
The Quick Start is designed to handle the setup needs for a majority of our customers. Your needs may vary and require additional Professional Services to complete the setup. We do our best at the beginning of the project to quickly determine if your requirements may extend beyond the Quick Start Package.

Take a closer look at the Quick Start Checklist to learn more about the process.

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