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Cimmaron Loan Modification Manager
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The Complete CRM, Lead Management, and Back Office Loan Modification Software Solution

Cimmaron Loan Modification Manager is a powerful customer relationship management, automated marketing, and lender negotiation application created specifically for modifying loans.
Loan Modification Manager - Loan Modification Software CRM

Cimmaron makes it easy and affordable for you and your entire team to manage your loan modification business. This industry is an ever changing target and you need a software solution that not only allows you to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible, but also a solution that includes the tools and flexibility you need to adapt to new ways of doing business. Watch the Demo Video or take the Screen Tour to learn more about the features and benefits of the Loan Modification Manager.

Loan Modification Manager, CRM That Speaks Your Language

Generic CRM products such as Act! ®, Goldmine® or Outlook® offer the basic tools you typically expect from a CRM package, but fall short as a viable solution for modification arena. Loan Modification Manager is designed from the ground up with this specific industry in mind. This allows for screens, functionality, and application integration that is unmatched by other CRM products.

Lead Management and Pipeline Tracking Tools

  • Import your leads in real-time from website landing pages and third party lead vendors using Live Lead Integration
  • Instantly launch drip campaigns to reach out to your prospects via a series of automated e-mails
  • Notify account executives when new leads arrive via e-mails, text messages, and new lead pop-up windows
  • Setup lead distribution groups and rules to put your valuable leads into the right hands
  • View Dashboards and Pipeline Reports to stay on top of the lead management process

Automated Marketing Features

  • Integrate with your VOIP phone system for Click-to-Dial and voice recording features
  • Create and manage automated drip marketing campaigns
  • Deliver reoccurring e-mail newsletters
  • Send out bulk e-mail blasts to targeted contact lists
  • Reach out to your contacts and lenders using multiple formats: e-mails, mail merge letters, faxes, and text messaging
  • Add mail merge fields to your own marketing and transaction documents to tap into the contact database and automate your communication
  • Use customized workflows to trigger messages to your clients, lenders, and partners based on transaction status events

Powerful Database Model and Toolset

  • Rely on a Microsoft SQL Server database designed from the ground up for Loan Modification
  • Collect the data you need using an intuitive set of screens designed to quickly capture a complete view of your prospect's financial situation
  • Take advantage of built-in document management "paperless office" features
  • Link contacts to multiple properties, loans, lenders, and cases.
  • Access a full list of lender, contacts, and documents using the linkable lender module

Software Expertise

Many of the loan modification software solutions currently available in the marketplace are offered by start-up software companies. Unlike those companies, Cimarron has been in the software business for over a decade and has an extensive background and a complete software product line in the financial and real estate sectors. As a result, Cimmaron has developed a proven software platform that works and has the expertise to mature and support our software solutions in the long term.

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