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Loan Modification Lead Distribution

Once the Lead Integration system has successfully pushed your new lead data from the lead provider into the CRM database, it’s time for Lead Distribution to take hold of the process and assign the lead to the appropriate loan officer.

The built-in lead distribution engine allows you to apply business rules to this process for complete control over who receives the next inbound lead. Basic distribution comes in one of two forms:
  1. Direct to a Manager – In this method the lead is sent directly to a manager or single senior loan officer. An html e-mail is sent to the prospect introducing the sales manager or the company in general, informing the prospect that a loan officer will be in contact with them soon. Then after reviewing the new lead, the manager reassigns the lead to the appropriate loan officer and kicks off a full lead campaign that ties in the selected loan officer.
  2. Round Robin Distribution – This method evenly distributes the lead to the loan officer that has waited the longest to receive their next lead. Distribution can additionally process other optional business rules:
    • Max number of consecutive leads that can be sent to a single loan officer.
    • The loan officer with the fewest leads receives the next lead.
    • The loan officer must be in a specific Lead Pool group.
    • The loan officer has the Receive Leads option turned on.

Custom integration can also be used to apply more complex business rules that take into account a wide variety of data points from geographic location of the lead, credit worthiness, average time to close for the loan officer, and other mortgage data appropriate for your own lead processing needs.

The lead pipeline can be tracked via reports, the Client Finder, and the Activity Finder screens. Prospects can be reassigned by a manager to another loan officer once the lead has aged to make sure that someone is always working to make contact with the lead.

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